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Université de Sherbrooke


Simon Fraser University


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University of Guelph
MSc Student
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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
MSc Student
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University of Barcelona(starting September)
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PeerLibrary/UC Berkeley
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ICT4D Journal


University of Cape Town
Masters student

Aloysius Wilfred Raj A

The University Of Hong Kong (HKU)
avatar for Birgit Adam

Birgit Adam

Max Planck Society
Corporate Communications
avatar for Osman Aldirdiri

Osman Aldirdiri

Member, Board of Directors
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Nicole Allen

Director of Open Education
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León Felipe Sánchez Ambia

Fulton & Fulton, IP Law Firm .

Aloysius Wilfred Raj Arokiaraj

Postgraduate Student Association, The University of Hong Kong

Dorcas Naa Dedei Aryeetey

Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA)
Chairperson : FAMSA - SCOMER (Standing Committee on Medical Education...
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Zack Batist

McMaster University
M.A. Candidate

Bruno Ítalo Lima Benevides

Up Advisory

Joachim Bibuli

Center for Information Policy in Africa
avatar for Peter Binfield

Peter Binfield

Publisher and Co-Founder
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Michael Boock

Oregon State University
Associate Professor
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Carolina Botero

Fundación Karisma
Coordinator DIS
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Georg Botz

Max Planck Society
Senior Policy Advisor

Katharina Brecht

University of Cambridge

Katharina Brecht

Journal of European Psychology Students
avatar for Chardaye Bueckert

Chardaye Bueckert

Simon Fraser Student Society

Sonja Buijs

National organization of Psychology students , SPS-NIP
avatar for Olivia Burge

Olivia Burge

University of Canterbury
PhD student
avatar for David Carroll

David Carroll

Open Access Button
avatar for Emilie Champagne

Emilie Champagne

Université Laval
Ph.D. Student
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Robin Champieux

Oregon Health & Science University
avatar for Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan

University of Colorado Boulder
Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Swati Chawla

Swati Chawla

University of Virginia
Graduate Student, History, and Praxis Fellow in Digital Humanities
avatar for Lilia Cheniti

Lilia Cheniti

Sousse University, ISITC H-Sousse
Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Head of Online Learning Department
avatar for Lorraine Cheun

Lorraine Cheun

Powered by Data
Communications Lead
avatar for Jennifer Cheung

Jennifer Cheung

Hong Kong Transparency Report, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, the University of Hong Kong
Project Manager
avatar for Abby Clobridge

Abby Clobridge

Clobridge Consulting
Principal Consultant/Owner
avatar for April Clyburne-Sherin

April Clyburne-Sherin

Sense About Science USA
OOO Canada
avatar for Lauren B. Collister

Lauren B. Collister

University of Pittsburgh
Director of Scholarly Communication
avatar for Cailean Cooney

Cailean Cooney

New York City College of Technology
Assistant Professor
avatar for Greg Cram

Greg Cram

New York Public Library
Director of Copyright, Permissions and Information Policy
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Cathy Cranston

University of Iowa
Head, Undergraduate Engagement Department
avatar for Kristofferson Culmer

Kristofferson Culmer

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students
avatar for Kristofferson Culmer

Kristofferson Culmer

Director of Outreach
avatar for Vladyslav Dombrovskyi

Vladyslav Dombrovskyi

The Information Technology and Economics Journal
Managing Editor
avatar for Vladyslav Dombrovskyi

Vladyslav Dombrovskyi

Managing Editor of Information Technology and Economics

Timothy Duguid

Texas A&M University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
avatar for Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans

Hubert Project
Project Associate
avatar for Alex Fink

Alex Fink

The OKCast (Open Knowledge Podcast)
Host & Editor
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L. Kelly Fitzpatrick

Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University
Project Coordinator, Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP)
avatar for Ivan Flis

Ivan Flis

Utrecht University
PhD Candidate
avatar for Austin Fox

Austin Fox

Oregon State University
Materials Engineering Graduate Assistant
avatar for Sara Fratti

Sara Fratti

Fundación Avina
avatar for Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher

University of the Sciences
Collection Management & Metadata Librarian

Aisha Gharaibeh

IJMS International Journal of Medical Students
avatar for Aisha Gharaibeh

Aisha Gharaibeh

Jordan University of Science and Technology
Young researcher and final-year medical student
avatar for Jan Gondol

Jan Gondol

Switzerlab, SPARC
avatar for Cristiana Gonzalez

Cristiana Gonzalez

Association for Progressive Communications
project coordinator
avatar for Pierre Gorissen

Pierre Gorissen

Fontys Hogescholen
Senior Consultant / Researcher

Alisha Green

Sunlight Foundation
avatar for Cable Green

Cable Green

Creative Commons
Director of Open Knowledge
avatar for Célya Gruson-Daniel

Célya Gruson-Daniel

Hack Your PhD
avatar for Sridhar Gutam

Sridhar Gutam

ICAR/Open Access India
avatar for Mark Hahnel

Mark Hahnel

avatar for Janine Hardy

Janine Hardy

University of Saskatchewan
Masters student
avatar for Ricardo Hartley

Ricardo Hartley

Universidad Central de Chile
avatar for Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Professor of Teaching in Philosophy, Academic Director, Centre for...
avatar for Felix Hoffmann

Felix Hoffmann

University Freiburg
Mathematics & Computational Neuroscience Student
avatar for Patricia Hswe

Patricia Hswe

The Pennsylvania State University
Digital Content Strategist
avatar for Daniel Huerlimann

Daniel Huerlimann

avatar for Helene Huet

Helene Huet

Penn State University
Digital Scholarship Services Graduate Assistant
avatar for Arslan Inayat

Arslan Inayat

Open Access Pakistan
avatar for Lillian Juma

Lillian Juma

Graduate Student
avatar for Anamika Karn

Anamika Karn

Open Access Nepal
Assistant Director
avatar for Roshan Karn

Roshan Karn

Open Access Nepal
avatar for Brittany Klemm

Brittany Klemm

Oregon State University
Masters Student in College Student Service Administration

Jeffrey A. Knapp

Penn State University Libraries @ University Park
Foster Communications Librarian
avatar for Iryna Kuchma

Iryna Kuchma

Open Access Programme Manager

Audrey Lengel

University of Maryland
MLS Candidate and Graduate Assistant

Jianzheng Liu

The University of Hong Kong
PhD candidate
avatar for Scott St. Louis

Scott St. Louis

Grand Valley State University Libraries
Student Delegate
avatar for Lauren Maggio

Lauren Maggio

Stanford University School of Medicine
Director of Research and Instruction
avatar for Prateek Mahalwar

Prateek Mahalwar

Max Planck Society
PhD Researcher
avatar for Saule Meirmanova / Mamayeva

Saule Meirmanova / Mamayeva

Soros Foundation Kazakhstan, OSI
International noncommercial organization
avatar for Brianna Marshall

Brianna Marshall

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Digital Curation Coordinator

Michael Massey

University of Georgia
Doc Student
avatar for Joseph Mcarthur

Joseph Mcarthur

The Right to Research Coalition
Assistant Director
avatar for Erin McKiernan

Erin McKiernan

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
avatar for Sarah Melton

Sarah Melton

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
Digital Projects Coordinator
avatar for Matt Menzenski

Matt Menzenski

Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Kansas
Masters Student
avatar for Erika Mias

Erika Mias

University of Cape Town
Digital Curation Officer
avatar for Emma Molls

Emma Molls

University of Minnesota
Director of Open Research & Publishing
avatar for Roxanne Moore

Roxanne Moore

Emory University
MPH Global Epidemiology Candidate
avatar for Ross Mounce

Ross Mounce

Arcadia Fund
Director of Open Access Programmes
avatar for Paul Samwel Muneja

Paul Samwel Muneja

Consortium of Tanzania University and Research Libraries
EIFL-COTUL OA -Country Coordinator&Ph.D Candidate
avatar for Peter Murray-Rust

Peter Murray-Rust

avatar for Tomo Nagashima

Tomo Nagashima

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD student
avatar for Shahriyar Nasirov

Shahriyar Nasirov

Solar Energy Research Center (SERC-CHILE) and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Posdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Ivo Neto

Ivo Neto

University of Minho
PhD Researcher
avatar for Dani Nicholson

Dani Nicholson

Director of Marketing and Communciation
avatar for Meredith Niles

Meredith Niles

University of Vermont
Assistant Professor of Food Systems
avatar for Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou

Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou

Advanced School of Mass Communication (Cameroon)
avatar for Chris Noone

Chris Noone

NUI Galway
PhD Candidate
avatar for Natalia Norori

Natalia Norori

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
avatar for Ahmed Ogunlaja

Ahmed Ogunlaja

EpidAlert Informative Initiative

Gustavo H. Maultasch de Oliveira

University of Illinois at Chicago / Ministry of External Relations (Brazil)
PhD Candidate / Diplomat

Abdrahamane Ouedraogo

Mahidol Public Health Association/Hakili Project
avatar for Jennifer Beamer Ph.D.

Jennifer Beamer Ph.D.

The Claremont Colleges Consortium
Scholarly Communication and Open Publishing Coor.
avatar for Beck Pitt

Beck Pitt

The Open University
Research Assistant
avatar for Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard

University College London
avatar for Karin Purshouse

Karin Purshouse

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Academic Clinical Fellow
avatar for Slobodan Radicev

Slobodan Radicev

Governing Board Member

Pallavi Ramchandani

Marketing Intern
avatar for Renata Aquino Ribeiro

Renata Aquino Ribeiro

avatar for Clara Ritger

Clara Ritger

Green Buzz Agency
Assistant Producer
avatar for Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson

Student Advocates for Graduate Education
Director of Communications
avatar for Carolina Rossini

Carolina Rossini

Policy Manager
avatar for Amy Russell

Amy Russell

Grand Valley State University
Associate Professor of Biology
avatar for Joe Saiem

Joe Saiem

Michigan State University
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Camila Salazar

Camila Salazar

School of Data
Fellow 2015
avatar for Ivana Di Salvo

Ivana Di Salvo

IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations)
Liaison Office to Research and Medical Association (LORMA)
avatar for Julie Schneider

Julie Schneider

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Director, Ebling Library
avatar for Matthias Schwer

Matthias Schwer

University of Tubingen
Biochemist (MSc) & Medical student
avatar for Mohammed Seyam

Mohammed Seyam

Virginia Tech
Computer Science PhD Student
avatar for Nick Shockey

Nick Shockey

Director of Programs & Engagement
avatar for Alfonso Sintjago

Alfonso Sintjago

University of Minnesota
IT Fellow
avatar for Alfonso Sintjago

Alfonso Sintjago

University of Minnesota
IT Fellow - PhD Student
avatar for Thalyana Smith-Vikos

Thalyana Smith-Vikos

BioMed Central
Journal Editor
avatar for Kaitlin Steen

Kaitlin Steen

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri
Executive Director
avatar for Georgina Taylor

Georgina Taylor

Open Access Button
avatar for Wesley Teter

Wesley Teter

University of Hong Kong
PhD Candidate
avatar for Amalia Toledo

Amalia Toledo

Fundación Karisma
Project Coordinator
avatar for Jure Triglav

Jure Triglav

Scholar Ninja
avatar for Alejandra Manco Vega

Alejandra Manco Vega

Consultant / Graduate Student
avatar for Silviu Vert

Silviu Vert

Open Knowledge Foundation Network
Ambassador for Romania
avatar for Michela Vignoli

Michela Vignoli

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Junior Scientist
avatar for Brady Wallace

Brady Wallace

Arts Representative
avatar for Haley Walton

Haley Walton

Duke University Libraries
Outreach Coordinator for Open Access
avatar for Nic Weber

Nic Weber

University of Illinois
PhD Candidate
avatar for john wilbanks

john wilbanks

Sag Bionetworks
Chief Commons Officer
avatar for Elizabeth Wiley

Elizabeth Wiley

S&T Policy Fellowships
2016-17 Health, Education & Human Services Fellow
avatar for Marina Winkler

Marina Winkler

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig
PhD student IMPRS NeuroCom and Open Access Ambassador
avatar for Marcin Wojnarski

Marcin Wojnarski

Paperity, aggregator of OA papers